Timing of Arrival of stock

The Market opens at 12pm each market day or earlier by arrangement (midday the day before market is the earliest time agreed with APHA).  To assist the smooth running of the auction, can vendors kindly note to bring stock into the market as early as possible, with a minimum arrival time of 40 minutes before the section auction is due to begin.  This would allow time for the necessary careful lotting and associated paperwork etc.  Thank you.

Animal Lairage and Collection

If purchased livestock is not likely to be removed from the market within an hour or so of the auction finishing, please tell the section auctioneer so that proper provision for the care of the stock can be made until collection can be arranged.  For the sake of clarity, there is no issue with the provision of overnight lairage of stock at market nor collecting stock at any time on the day of the sale, provided that we are aware of your plans and we can therefore make adequate arrangements.  We would welcome your cooperation on these matters.


Pay and get paid on the day of market. The LAA conditions of sale displayed in the market apply to all transactions.

Selling Times (Winter Timetable - 1st November to 1st March)

Please bring stock in early to enable a prompt start.

Prime cattle and OTM’s - start at 2.30pm, with sheep following on at 3pm.  

Store cattle - sales will continue on the first and third Monday of each month and will be sold before the prime cattle from around 2pm.

To sign up for the weekly market report or to ask anything whatsoever, please contact us.

There are currently no auction catalogues available for download.